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View Acres Elementary Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

School-wide Behavior Expectations

  1. Be Safe.
  2. Be Responsible.
  3. Be Respectful.

Rights and Responsibilities

All students, staff and visitors in our school have these rights and responsibilities:

  • The right to teach and learn in an atmosphere free from disruption.
  • The right to be free from physical interference and abuse from others.
  • The right to be respected for their opinions, their individuality, and their feelings.
  • The responsibility for respecting the property of the school and others.
  • The responsibility for coming to school prepared to learn, to help others learn and to make good use of school time.
  • The responsibility for their own behavior and to know and protect the rights of others.

Guiding Principles

The behavior support plan is designed to help create a climate of cooperation, academic excellence, respect and safety at View Acres.  The program is fashioned around the following guiding principles:

  • Clear expectations and standards for student behavior, teaching and encouraging appropriate behavior, and communication to students and parents.
  • Clear and consistent consequences that discourage inappropriate behavior.
  • A support system and individual behavior programming for students with unique or exceptional needs.